Juice Cleanse Instructions

How to store your juice?

Our juice has been cold-pressed using a BIO Juice Press machine. Our juice is then immediately bottled and then blast frozen using a state of the art deep freeze cold room. The result is highly nutritious juice.

Our juice will last 3 days when it has totally defrosted. If consuming your juice within 3 days then it can be placed directly into a fridge, if it is kept longer then we advise placing the juice into the freezer immediately on arrival and then allowing to defrost in a fridge over night.

How to juice cleanse.

We recommend consuming 3 litres of water each day that you cleanse. It is very important that you increase your water intake to help flush out your body.

Start with a juice when you first wake up. We also advise a cup of hot water with lemon to help kick start your day.

Drink a juice every 2-3hours throughout the day. Drink the juices in the same order as the image below and on our product page...

Green Juice, Orange, Blue, Black, Pink then finally another Green.