How To Juice Cleanse During Lockdown

How To Juice Cleanse During Lockdown

How To Juice Cleanse During Lockdown

The nights are drawing in, the temperature is dropping and... we're in another lockdown. We know how it is - it's all too easy to spend your new spare time curled up on the sofa watching Netflix with a glass of wine and a pizza for company. A lot of people came out of the first lockdown carrying a little extra weight than they did going into it (we're not judging!). But why not make this one different?
With all this extra time spent at home, why not dedicate a few days to properly detoxing and nourishing your body? Give it the treatment it deserves with our juice cleanse packages. Your body is a temple after all! 
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Here are our top tips for carrying out a juice cleanse during lockdown... 


Preparation is key! Before you start your cleanse, spend a few days doing the following: 
- Drink lots of water. Dehydration can be mistaken for hunger, so be sure to get in plenty of H2O to stop any false pangs of hunger. Water also transports nutrients to your cells so it's super important to keep hydrated. You should stay away from alcohol during this time too as it is dehydrating.
- Reduce your caffeine intake. Caffeine drinks are really acidic, and it's best if your body is in a more alkaline state when you start your cleanse, so try to steer clear of coffee and fizzy drinks. If you feel as though you can't function without your morning coffee, you don't have to cut it out completely during your cleanse. Try and drink low-acid, cold-brew coffee or switch to a matcha green tea which still has some caffeine in, but not enough to mess with your alkaline levels. 
- Avoid animal products. In the days leading up to your cleanse, try to stick to a plant-based diet. Meat and dairy products put more pressure on our digestive systems so it's best to ease that burden beforehand so it's ready for your cleanse. 
- Steer clear of processed foods. It's no secret that processed food is bad for us, so the sooner you cut it out of your diet, the better. Always read the labels on your food and avoid these unnecessary toxins.
You should also make sure you select the most suitable juice cleanse for you. If you're a first timer, we recommend starting off with our three day package (LINK).


Now you're all set to start your cleanse. So what should you do and not do during the process? 
- Be consistent in your timings. You should aim to drink a juice every 2ish hours. You should also drink plenty of water throughout the day - herbal tea is a good option too!
- Avoid intense physical activity. Juice cleanses can make you feel dizzy and more tired easily, so it's best to not exert yourself. If you feel like you need some movement, head out for a gentle walk around your neighbourhood, and avoid things like HIIT workouts. 
- During a juice cleanse, you may feel like you need to chew on something - it's only natural to feel like this! Try and distract yourself with a good book, a walk around the block or a none-strenuous hobby. If you feel like you really need to eat something though, don't beat yourself up. Opt for a piece of fruit or a handful of nuts. 


You've completed your juice cleanse - what now? 
- Slowly transition back to solid foods. Your digestive system has had a total rest, so don't overwhelm it. During your first few days after your cleanse, try and eat lots of fruit and vegetables. You should also avoid red meat, dairy, alcohol, and anything that has been processed or fried. 
- Monitor how you feel. The days after a juice cleanse are perfect for identifying any food intolerances or sensitivities. If you suspect you do have any food allergens, slowly add things back into your diet one at a time so that you can more accurately identify the source. 
- Incorporate your healthy habits into your daily lifestyle. Keep up the higher doses of fruit and vegetables, continue drinking lots of water and avoid foods and drinks that are damaging to your body. 
We hope you enjoy your Soulmate juice cleanse, and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch.
The Soulmate Team
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