Purple stir fry with popcorn shoots

Our friends at Honestly Healthy have helped explain the difference between an average diet to that of an alkaline, the PH difference and why crisps make us feel irritable.

Honestly Healthy explain “Our bodies are naturally designed to function at their optimum when at a PH level of 7.365. This means functioning in an alkaline state.

When we think of a modern diet, it is filled with meat and beef burgers at every corner; salty crisps, chips and mass-produced readymade meals – all along with a topping of sugar with almost everything. Sustaining a diet such as this means constantly living in an acidic state, consequently subjecting out bodies to unnecessary stress, leaving us feeling groggy, irritable and with a poor immune system.

Food is our fuel, and our lifeline so it is important that the food that we eat is going to boost our energy levels, revitalise and allow us to perform at our optimum. Alkaline food will do exactly this and that is why we have teamed up with Honestly Healthy (the leading name in Alkaline cuisine) to deliver exactly what your body needs to get it back to its optimum. Each and every one of our meals, juices and snacks have been carefully designed to ensure that your alkaline diet is balanced, nutritional and most importantly delicious.”

Not only does our Detox and Vegetarian range help balance your PH levels, it takes delicious too. Healthy living taken to the next level!


See our range of alkaline detox and vegetarian menus





Photo Credit – Honestly Healthy

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