As featured in The London Magazine; Soulmatefood makes for a mouthwatering change to the usual health boosting plans. The magazine was keen to feature the Soulmatefood Kite Fertility Menu which was created in partnership with ace acupuncturist Gerad Kite. Readers of The London Magazine have now been made aware of the benefits of the new Kite diet but you can still keep informed here.

Kite fertility menu

Kite Clinic has collaborated with Soulmatefood to create ‘The Kite Fertility Menu’. This is the only nutritional plan that blends thousands of years of Chinese wisdom with the best of western nutrition to help enhance fertility in both men and women. The menu follows nature’s laws, acknowledging the importance of eating fresh foods with an emphasis on regionally grown and seasonal produce and, most importantly, food that should be eaten at the correct time of day.

This form of nutrition is based on the ancient Chinese 24-hour clock and ensures that your body obtains exactly what it needs, at the time it’s really needed. The menu also re-enforces our wisdom that nourishment is not just for your body, but also essential for the mind and spirit. This means that the joyful experience of eating is expertly represented within our enticing menu, carefully selected by colour, smell and taste.

An important part of the whole nutritional experience is that The Kite Fertility Menu is tailored to entirely remove the stress of shopping, cooking and meal-planning. Soulmatefood specialises in providing freshly prepared, unfrozen, organic meals. All ingredients and nutritional values consider your taste and needs. At Kite Clinic we know everybody’s different; in the same way our treatments are tailored to the individual, our menu is bespoke. The Kite Fertility menu takes into account your likes, dislikes, intolerances and even your cravings.

(information taken from the official Kite website:

Soulmatefood in The London Magazine


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