Healthy eating doesn’t have to mean boring and tasteless food. At Soulmatefood we believe the exact opposite! Its time to embrace the vibrant variety your diet (and tastebuds!) has been longing for. The Telegraph reports how important it is to include superfood in your daily meals to help you maintain stable energy levels. Soulmatefood  is an effortless way to help reboost your vitality levels and purify your body. Allow your body to indulge in a feast of rich, nutritious foods and you will be supercharged in no time.

There is only one way to approach a new year system-cleansing regime: gently. If you have indulged over Christmas, you may be feeling jaded and lethargic. The way back, the nutrition experts at Soulmatefood say, is to kickstart your metabolism with a diet of superfoods – avocados, dark fruit, vegetables such as broccoli or spinach, wholegrains and oily fish. Instead of encouraging a tough detox they have created a superfoods menu to reinstate energy and gently purify (0870-803 3833; ). Supplements that help a flagging system: Superfood Elite Packed with grass juices, enzymes, algae and fruit, this maximises a cleanse-and-rejuvenation regime. £39.99, Soulmatefood, as before.

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