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What is soulmatefood sportskitchen?

Sportskitchen is ideal for any athlete, professional or amateur, who is seeking a specific nutritional plan to support training and achieve their goals. Our menus provide the correct macro and micronutrient content that your body needs to support training and promote recovery.

Our nutritionists work with you (or your nutritoinist/team) to make sure that you get the right foods at the correct stages of your training, we deliver to you making eating the right foods a simple process.

our sportskitchen menus

Perform menu

The Perform Plan is perfect to provide fuel for training throughout the morning and afternoon whilst reducing carbohydrate content in the evening to minimise fat storage.

Intake: Moderate carbohydrate and moderate protein breakfast, lunch and snacks with a low carbohydrate and high protein evening meal.

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Perform low carb

The Perform Low Carbohydrate Plan is perfect for athletes looking to drop body fat, have been set body composition targets, or in search for the perfect “beach” body. Designed around a low carbohydrate content to promote ketosis and maximise fat metabolism, with high protein content to protect lean muscle. The high micronutrient content will ensure that vitamin and mineral intake is maintained whilst on the restricted diet.

Intake: Low carbohydrate, high protein and increase healthy fats throughout the day.

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Perform endurance

The Perform Endurance Menu is perfect for providing increased carbohydrate intakes for athletes looking to increase body mass and build lean muscle, participating in high volume and intensive training or training twice or more per day.

Intake: High carbohydrate and moderate protein throughout the day.

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Case Study

Quinton Jackson

We worked with Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson in Chicago to help him make weight for his last ever UFC fight.

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Jason Kenny

"Soulmatefood is absolutely brilliant. It's made my life as a professional athlete so much simpler and easier"
Jason Kenny, GB Cyclist

Natasha Jonas

"Soulmatefood has been a part of my everyday life as an athlete for the past year. For me I honestly believe that it has been a contributing factor to my recent successes."
Natasha Jonas, GB Boxing

James Anderson

"The perform plan works so well. It takes all that time and hassle away and lets me concentrate on training and making sure I'm 100% ready and focused for England."
James Anderson, England Cricket

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