Get your exclusive Murad Inclusive Health Menu.

All About You aims to provide the inside track for busy women online on important issues like health, diet, relationships and well being and, recently, we found ourselves included in what All About You believes women everywhere will want to know about. They highlighted how the Soulmatefood lifestyle plan has a holistic approach to improving the health, diet and well being of its customers. If you were unfortunate enough to miss Soulmatefood’s appearance in All About You: don’t panic, you haven’t missed out, just keep reading!

How will it help me?

Leading dermatologist Dr Howard Murad has collaborated with Soulmatefood to create a bespoke health-food plan specifically to reduce cellulite and improve skin health. You’ll receive six boxes of tasty organic food each day, plus a daily dose of Murad Daily Cell Strengthener Dietary Supplements to support skin strength and health from within.

The Murad Inclusive Health Menu provides internal care through targeted nutrition that provides the body with what it needs to produce the strongest and healthiest possible new cells and connective tissue and what it needs to neutralize cell and tissue damaging free radicals.

To save your cells and tissues from the ravaging effects of stress, Soulmatefood has maximized the emotional self-care potential of The Murad Inclusive Health Menu by providing the hassle-free convenience of prepared foods and the healthy rush that comes from eating meals that you know are good for you and which taste sensational.

How much will it cost me?   From £35 a day: if this sounds like a lot to you, just look at the example menu below.

Example Menu


Rhubarb & Ginger Mini Muffins

Am Snack

Tutti Frutti Smoothie


Salmon with Asparagus and Dill

Pm Snack

‘Spice of Life’ Pate on Cucumber


Chicken with Chilli, Pineapple & Basil

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