Our great new Soulmatefood Perform Plan launched at the Welsh Institute of Sport. Spending the day with the Great Britain’s leading performance nutritionists improving our knowledge with a series of seminars from the top academics. Bringing back information to Soulmatefood HQ and improve our menu for you!

Below is the diary of nutritionist Tom of his accounts of the trip

Tuesday 20th March

8.30 p.m. Christian and myself hit the road… Cardiff bound

1.00 a.m. After a combination of setting off late, iPod malfunctions and the inevitable road works we finally arrived in Cardiff, to be greeted by possibly the most shocking hotel ever. Luckily we would only be staying 6 hours and off to sleep it was…..

Wednesday 21st March

7.30 a.m. Rise and shine, and leave the hotel.

8.30 a.m. Arrive at the Welsh Institute of Sport on a sunny Welsh morning!

The morning was spent cramming our brains with biochemistry and engaging in seminars lead by leading academics, here is a brief explanation of each;

Nutrient Gene Interactions – For Fitness & Fatness – Dr James Morton  Liverpool John Moores University

Dr Morton provided cutting edge research into how fat mass can be manipulated in athletes via fasted/low carbohydrate training and the metabolic adaptations that occur after training in fasted state.

In Dr. James’ talk he challenged the notion of high carbohydrate availability for training, by providing research to show how a reduced intake of carbohydrate can significantly increase the rate of fat oxidation during steady state exercise, leading to greater fat loss in athlete looking to manipulate fat mass.

Appetite Regulation – Adrian Holliday University of Birmingham

 Adrian’s talk investigated how exercise affects appetite. In the talk Adrian provide research to suggest that high intensity exercise can reduce appetite for a sustained period of time following exercise.

This shows the need to ensure athletes and individuals who are regularly training at a high intensity are consuming sufficient amount of foods post-exercise to ensure that they are maximizing recovery and aiding the adaptations to exercise.

 The use of talking therapies in supporting interventions – Dr Jeff Breckon Sheffield Hallam University

A great talk by Dr. Jeff Breckon challenging the role of the “Expert” in support interventions. Motivational Interviewing (MI)is a recently new development that focuses upon allowing the client to express their personal feelings towards changing a specific behaviour (in this case diet and nutritional consumption), in an attempt to assess how ready the individual is to change and the reasons why.  MI has been defined in 2009 as;

“a collaborative, person-­centred form of guiding to elicit and strengthen motivation for change”

MI is designed to be client centred, and to move away from the “I am an expert, I know best and you should do what I say” approach often used by health and medical professionals and to instead ask the client why they feel the change is necessary, how change will affect them, how they would feel if they didn’t change. This encourages the client to asses how the change will influence them and allow them to gain mastery of the situation.

This approach has shown to elicit greater readiness to change as opposed the the before mentioned “Expert” approach. As you have probably experienced in your life before, the more a person tells you to do something, the less likely you are to do it!

Hydration & weight management (Rapid weight Loss & Recovery) – Dr Lewis James Loughborough University

Dr Lewis James spoke of the issues regarding hydration in weight managed sports and the impact of different hydration strategies used during making weight and for hydration recovery following weight in.

In summary Dr James provide research to suggest that 2 % carbohydrate solution containing electrolytes at a volume of 150% of body weight lost during exercise rehydrated participants greater in 1 hour when compared to 150 % body weight lost, 10 % carbohydrate solution due to reduced gastric emptying with the higher carbohydrate concentration drink. However as the 10% solution contains greater CHO obviously glycogen replenishment is reduced in the 2% solution. Due to this Dr James suggested 2 % solution if competing 2 hours after weigh in and 10 % if 2 hours+.

Factors to take into account when re-hydrating post weigh in;

  • Drink palatability (taste)
  • Drink >150% fluid lost
  • high sodium content
  • drinking rate
  • 2 % carbohydrate solution if competing 2 hours after weigh in – 10% carbohydrate if longer than 2-6+
  • avoid solids 1 hour post weigh in

When lunch came around Soulmatefood provided a tasty nutritious lunch of Chicken & Quinoa Superfood Salad or Tofu & Quinoa Superfood Salad, Low Fat Protein Brownies or Mixed Berry Crunch Pot and Antioxidant Protein Smoothie, all of which was met with a great response!

Tofu & Quinoa Superfood Salad

Following lunch we gave a presentation outlining the new Soulmatefood Perform Plan specifically designed to support athletes.

Soulmatefood Perform has been developed to fuel training and competition in addition to maximise recovery. The plan has been developed into 5 specific categories depending on your discipline;

  • Strength and Power
  • Endurance
  • Team
  • Weight Management
  • Injury Rehab

For the full outline of the plan why not have a look through our presentation that was shown at the CPD day;

Soulmatefood Perform Presentation

View more

So why not receive the same level of nutritional support as many professional athletes, Olympic heros and 2012 hopefuls? And let Soulmatefood Perform fuel your training and recovery!

Thanks for reading and thanks to Mark Ellison and Kathryn Brown for organising the day!

Tom Whitehead
Soulmatefood Nutritionist

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