Soulmatefood football nutrition plans

Sportskitchen by Soulmatefood specifically design meals to football players/team requirements and goals. All meals follow the FIFA/FMARC Consensus on Sports Nutrition, so you know that you are getting the very best in sports nutrition.

We offer 3 performance menus;

The Low Carbohydrate Menu is perfect for players with strict body composition targets and those looking to drop body fat quickly whilst maintaining lean muscle mass. This menu also suits injured players on a heavily reduced training load.

The Perform Menu is moderate in carbohydrates and protein offering a balanced diet to the athlete who already has the desired body composition and is looking for a balanced diet to increase fitness.  

The Endurance Menu is high in carbohydrates and moderate protein levels offering a solution to players goals of improved fitness and performance gains throughout the season.

Match Day Nutrition

Sportskitchen can also accommodate match day nutrition, perfect for both home and away matches to make sure you or your team are getting the right nutrients. This includes both pre and post match meals along with snacks to help with fuelling and refuelling to maintain energy levels throughout, used by Leicester City, QPR and Northampton Town- for season 2012-13.

How we can help academies

At Sportskitchen and Soulmatefood we pride ourselves on educating people about food and nutrition, and we have carried this on to our football plans by offering something special to the academies of today. We can help increase the control within the environment of your younger players by delivering healthy performance based meals and snacks to the training ground or accommodation. We have some great added features of this programme including; nutritional workshops, seminars and healthy cooking master classes to your athletes (and their parents) with our Sport Nutritionist and a trained Chefs.


Leicester City Football Club

‘Sportskitchen by Soulmatefood has provided a very useful service throughout the season. Having identified players with body composition issues, we were able to select a detailed meal or snack programme to meet their individual needs. Often, players that have nutritional issues struggle because of time constraints, travel commitments, laziness or poor education but given the comprehensive plans, flexible options and efficient delivery service, eating the right options at the right times became easy. Players enjoyed the meal and snack options, with both themselves and I, seeing the service as a contributor to achieving their nutritional goals’.


From the players

 If you want to know how we can help you – get in touch with us by emailing

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