Sticking to a precise regime which is healthy and at the same time provides essential nutrition is crucial to athletes. Intense practice sessions and close food consumption monitoring are part of the process that leads up to the day of the big competition. The video below takes a look at how Great Britain’s boxing squad uses food from Soulmatefood to help their athletes recover from training sessions and stay at optimum weight for their category.

Soulmatefood helping GB Boxing Olympic athletes with their diet regime

A few quotes from our nutritionist, GB Boxing nutritionist and an Olympic GB Boxing contender about the effects of healthy eating in training and the work that goes into it.

Mark Ellison, nutritionist with Great Britain Boxing Squad, said, “Everything we do here is evidence based and research based and unless there’s a good volume of research there we won’t pounce on those strategies so we keep it simple, we keep it simple during recovery and during recovery from injury and take the docs (doctors) lead really, they’ve got their strategies that they follow and if there’s anything we can do to support that, great.”

Tom Whitehead our nutrition manager speaks to CNTV “We take into consideration the needs of athletes and their preferences. We use ingredients which provide the best quality nutrition to enhance their performance. For example we use turkey as opposed to mince (lamb, or beef) as its a lot leaner and is a good source of beta alanine. Another ingredient we use is celery along with a range of vegetables, so the meatballs have all the nutrients the athletes need. We at Soulmate food also have options such as healthy chicken burgers, spicy chicken, all kinds of noodles and pasta. The pasta we use is brown, so it has low GI (glycaemic index), so its not going to affect their insulin levels, and keeps their fat storage down.”

British bantamweight Luke Campbell, (Olympic contender) states that “You know if you don’t do your weight properly coming down to a tournament, you know people can make their way, but can they make their way fit and healthy and feeling strong. You know I’ve seen a lot of kids make the weight drained and tired and you know it’s not really the way to go about it. Me myself, I just gradually start slowly coming down a few weeks ahead of the tournament and just losing 0.4 (kilos), or 0.2 you know each day just gradually bringing it down slowly and then your body doesn’t feel such an impact of losing it straight away.”



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