Mixed Martial Arts fighter Rob C4 Sinclair talks to The Mirror ahead of his fight to defend his title at BAMMA 10. Rob has been working with Soulmatefood to make weight for the upcoming match, he talks about growing up, his diet and  what it’s like to work full time and be a world champion by night.

” Typical day

I’ve got two dogs I’ve got to look after, so I get up as late as possible, around 7:50am and I make all my food the night before. I’ll get up, sort my dogs out, go to work (as an engineer at British Gas).  If I can get a training session in at dinner time then I will do.  If I’ve got my daughter with me then I get up a bit earlier and take her to her mum’s. Then I’ll get home at 5pm, sort my dogs out, set off to train here (35 miles away) train from 8pm to 9pm, get home, take the dogs out again and then make my tea for the next day and my dinners – which I don’t have to do now because I’ve got my sponsor, Soulmatefood. I’ve only been with them since a week ago. Before that I had to make all my food so it was like a 15-hour day non-stop.

I’ve got a daughter who’s almost seven years old.  I’ve missed out a little bit on her growing up because I work all day and then I train at night and I get home after 9 o’clock and then she’s in bed. That’s happened for the last 5 years, so I’ve changed it slightly in this last year so I can make some time for her.


I’ve done well to get where I’ve got to now on limited training. I don’t get in any striking training, don’t go to any professional boxing gyms or anything, don’t do any wrestling at all, no strength and conditioning.  This is the first week I’ve been helped with my diet in these six years and I don’t get in as much as everyone else because I’m working. I’m probably about 30% of what I could really be at.”

Read the full article written by Simon Head.


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