Ah that well known, well used cliché…

With the holidays almost over the time is running out to use “but it’s Christmas” as an excuse to eat 4 mince pies. With that in mind, the festive season is perhaps synonymous with indulgence and excess, so here are our top tips for starting the new year off in the right way in order to get back on track…


  1. Set some goals

If you are feeling guilty about having a little too much fun during the Christmas period, maybe it’s time to set some goals for the upcoming year, and what better way to document your targets than in the form of a New Year’s Resolution.  Studies show that those who explicitly make resolutions are 10 times more likely to attain their goals than people who don’t explicitly make resolutions.

Whether your goals are food, fitness or lifestyle related, the most important thing about any goal is to be realistic. Choose targets that are within your reach so that you can stay motivated, rather than feeling disheartened about not managing to lose 2 stone in a week!! More realistic goals might be to half your alcohol intake, quit smoking or go to the gym twice a week.

If you struggle to stay motivated, one way to maintain your enthusiasm is to write down why exactly you’ve chosen your goal. Perhaps you’ve got a wedding coming up and you want to drop a dress size- write down that your reasoning for joining a gym is to look and feel confident in your new dress, and without exercising you won’t fit in to it!


  1. Restore your digestion

The Christmas bloat can really take its toll on your digestive health since your body is forced to cope with a much greater calorific intake than usual due to the huge roast dinners, the rich chocolate desserts, and of course the alcohol.Veg cleanse

A juice cleanse is a great way to give your digestive system a break from processing the heavy proteins and fats from your Christmas diet. Finishing the festive period with a juice cleanse will leave you feeling fresh, rejuvenated and ready to take on the year ahead.

A great example of this is Soulmate’s 3 Day Perfect Juice Diet which provides an “intense alkalising experience”. Each juice is packed full of flavour and goodness, meaning there’s no loss of nutritional value.

You can get more information on this from our website, as well as information on other plans that may be useful for your new lifestyle!


  1. Get some sleep

Yep. That’s right. Sleep more!

With all the parties and late nights your body is most likely suffering and in need of a good rest. A recent study suggests that people in Britain are missing out on a full night’s sleep a week. An increase in quality as well as quantity is what’s needed since poor sleep and sleep disorders impact on our ability to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Harvard Medical School Division of Sleep Medicine produced a number of tips as a guide to getting the sleep of your dreams

–  Aim to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day, including weekends

–  If you need to nap, limit them to 15-20 minute ones during the afternoon

–  Avoid looking at screens or bright lights 1-2 hours before you plan on going to sleep

–  Moderate to vigorous exercise during the day will improve your quality of sleep (finish your exercise at least 3 hours before bed time)

–  Limit your caffeine and nicotine intake during the day- these are stimulants and can disrupt the quality of your sleep

–  Practice relaxation techniques such as deep breathing or progressive muscle relaxation

–  Have a warm bath or drink a camomile tea before bed to help you feel calm and relaxed

–  Keep the room you are sleeping in dark, cool and quiet

–  If you wake up in the night, avoid thinking about things you have to do; concentrate on being relaxed instead


  1. Pack away the booze

Even though you may have welcomed the New Year with a glass of bubbly (or five), January is the month to go ‘dry’. There are a number of organisations that promote an alcohol free month, such as Alcohol Concern’s ‘Dry January’ and Cancer Research’s ‘Dry-Athlon’.

Alcohol consumption plays a major role in determining how healthy you are, whether you drink every day or just sporadically. Alcohol can affect your body in a number of ways; alcohol interferes with the brain’s communication pathways and can affect the way the brain works. This can alter your mood and behaviour, as well as making it harder to think clearly and be coordinated. Drinking can also cause damage to your heart, liver, pancreas and immune system, as well as increasing your risk of developing certain cancers.

Not only is consuming alcohol incredibly unhealthy, it is very expensive; by taking a month off alcohol, you will cut down on all the boozy calories, which means as well as saving money, you can lose weight too. Best of all, you’ll have no hangovers for 30 days!


I hope these tips will help you to make 2017 your best year yet!

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Sources; http://www.helpguide.org/articles/sleep/how-to-sleep-better.htm






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