“Never felt sportier! I thought I knew what I was doing nutrition wise bit I’m amazed what a difference alkalising makes.Melanie C

On July 27th Melanie C  (Spice Girl, Stage Star to name a few) will take part in the Virgin Active London Triathlon. This is the second time in which Melanie has taken part in the event and she hopes to beat her previous time of 1:35:05 raising money for Sparks, a UK medical research organisation which helps sick children.

To help beat her personal best Melanie C enlisted the help of Soulmatefood, we suggested our new alkaline range from Honestly Healthy to whip her in to shape prior to the event. Previously using Soulmatefood for the Spice girls ‘Viva forever’ Premier the trust was in us. Melanie used the Soulmatefood Detox and Vegetarian “3 Week Cleanse” plan to get her ready for her strict training resume.


Training for a Trialthlon

Triathlons require a great deal of training, one Saturday Melanie cycled 20k and swam 1000m as part of her tight schedule. Due to this Triathletes require even greater recovery times put down to the intense pressures on the body. Gaining knowledge from our work the Brownlee Brothers when they used our Sportskitchen Perform Menus, we know that Triathletes need a high carbohydrate intake to replenish glycogen stores and to provide sustained energy, along with high protein to optimise recovery between training. Triathlons involve using all muscle groups within the body during the 750 meter swim, 20 kilometer cycle and the 5 kilometer run therefore recovery is essential to pursue optimal performance and the food was ideal for this.


Feeling fit as a flea! Just cycled 20k and swam 1000m today is my 8th training day in a row! Never felt sportier! I thought I knew what I was doing nutrition wise bit I’m amazed what a difference alkalising makes.”
Melanie C


Why Alkalising diets?

Alkalising diets have been found to increase concentration and memory whilst also increasing energy levels which could be crucial to intense training regimes. Natural weightloss also occurs which could be beneficial in the lead up to the triathlon.

The ultimate reasoning behind having an alkaline diet is to avoid having too much acidity in your body. When the body produces too much acid, metabolic acidosis can occur (where the body produces too much acid) and not enough acid is being removed from the kidneys. In order for the body to function correctly, it is imperative that the blood’s acidity and alkalinity be balanced.

The food helps this with finding your natural PH levels, research has been found that a diet of 80 percent alkaline-forming foods and 20 percent acidic-forming foods provides a healthy balance for most people. A bad PH level could reduce energy levels within the body. An acidic balance will decrease the body’s ability to absorb minerals and other nutrients needed by the body and decrease the energy production in the cells.


Melanie C’s thoughts on the food






More on our Honestly Healthy Range
Our Detox, Vegan and Vegetarian menus are created by Honestly Healthy, the leading name in alkaline cuisine. Menus are designed to increase your energy levels, whilst promoting natural weight loss and greater concentration. All of the food is vegetarian, alkaline and delicious. Read Melanie C’s article in the Daily Mail about her alkaline experience


Would you like to try our Alkaline range or try one of our Sportskitchen performance menus? See our menus here


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