Finding it hard to stay on the diet wagon without picking up a few guilty pleasures along the way? Why not take up the doorstep diet trend instead and save yourself all the trouble. All you have to do is enjoy great food which has been carefully prepared and relax. Yes, its as easy as that-even ask Marie Claire.

Even the most well-intentioned dieters slip off the wagon now and then, but the new trend for doorstep diets means you can have ready-prepared healthy meals delivered straight to your home.

This means no more beans on toast for dinner, and no more naughty afternoon snacks, either. Just three to five balanced meals a day, designed to help your diet stay on the straight and narrow.

If this sounds like music to your ears (or stomach!) read one of our top home delivery diet.


What: Bespoke meals put together using the latest in American Diet Specific Technology to suit your individual goals.

Ideal for: Fussy eaters – the diet is designed specifically for you. Plus, a team of chefs will create a different meal for you every day.

What will I get? Three meals and three snacks, plus a dietary supplement per day, all delivered in a stylish chilled container. Diets are individually designed, but could include meals like tender chicken koftas, with bombay new potatoes, spinach and butternut and sesame chicken.

How much? Prices start at £25 per day for a minimum of a week.”

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