Sometimes it can be hard to know whether you are eating the right foods to help you achieve your goals. If you’re carrying a few extra pounds than you would prefer, don’t lose hope- Soulmate are here to save the day! We have compiled a list of fat burning foods for weight loss, making eating healthy a whole lot easier for you. Have a look below to see how it all works.

Eggs– high in protein and healthy fats, as well as being low in calories. Poach two eggs and whack them on a piece of whole grain toast for a healthy breakfast that will keep you fuelfoods for fat lossed all morning so you won’t need to snack

Cruciferous vegetables– these include cauliflower, broccoli and sprouts. These veggies are full of protein and fibre. They also have a low energy density which means they provide fewer calories per gram of food so you can eat bigger portions with a relatively lower calorie content. Did you know- cruciferous vegetables get their name because their four petals resemble a cross! (Cruciferous comes from the Latin ‘cruciferae’ meaning ‘cross-bearing’)

Lean meat– they are high in protein and lower in fat. Lean meats, like chicken, turkey and fish, are also a great way to increase protein intake, which in turn helps increase satiety (the feeling of fullness) and aid the preservation of that hard earned muscle mass. This muscle mass is much more metabolically active than fat, therefore maintaining as much muscle mass as possible will help maintain metabolism. Protein also elicits a higher thermogenic effect than both carbohydrates and fat, meaning it takes more calories to digest than the other macro nutrients. Leaner cuts of meat contain less calories, but don’t avoid red meat or animal fats altogether; select leaner cuts such as rump or sirloin

Green tea– believe it or not, drinking green to can help you on your way to losing weight. This is because it can boost your metabolism by 4% in just 24 hours which may not sound so significant, but drinking a few cups a day has the potential to keep your metabolism firing higher throughout the whole day

Resistant Starch– foods like lentils, black beans, kidney beans, lentils, oats, cooked and peeled potatoes, green bananas and cooked rice can be useful in losing weight since they are full of protein and fibre which will make you feel satiated for longer. They also contain ‘resistant starch’ (RS for short)- a carbohydrate that has no calorific value as we cannot digest it.

Here’s why RS is so great for weight loss:

“In several animal studies, RS-enriched diets slashed total body fat by anywhere from 8% to 45%—and those losses often came from visceral fat, the more dangerous type that surrounds internal organs. One notable study in people found that those who got about 5% of their daily carbs from RS increased lipid metabolism, or fat burn, by 20% to 25%. RS has also been shown to lower post-meal spikes of insulin, a hormone that spurs the body to store fat instead of burning it. Finally, several trials have discovered that eating RS leads to less hunger throughout the day, with some study participants eating up to 300 fewer calories daily after consuming RS. Researchers speculate that, when RS ferments in the colon, it affects the release of hormones that send fullness signals to the brain” [ ]

It should be noted that RS may be hard/expensive to get in the diet since it doesn’t come naturally in food- they have to be soaked or cooked and cooled for long periods.

Chilli peppers– capsaicin is an active ingredient found in chilli peppers. It’s been proven to aid weight loss by boosting thermogenesis; the process of energy production in the body caused directly by the metabolising of food consumed. Some studies show that the effects of capsaicin are most beneficial to those people who don’t usually consume food containing chilli peppers as, over time, it can be seen that some people become less responsive to itfoods for fat loss

Leafy greens– low in carbs and calories but full of nutrients. Foods like kale, spinach and collards are a great way to increase the volume of your meal to help fill you up without increasing the calories

Dark chocolate– research shows that having an ounce of dark chocolate three days a week may help improve your digestion and inhibit insulin resistance, as well as reducing stress and cortisol levels. It can also prevent you from over eating. Don’t get too excited though- dark chocolate should only be consumed in moderation!

Wine– a compound called ‘resveratrol’ can be found in red win. It helps to turn “white fat” into “beige fat” which is easier to burn off. Drinking red wine in the evening further aids the weight loss process since it curbs snacking. But, it should be noted, similarly with dark chocolate, that too much can have a negative effect on your health- there are far more effective means of losing weight than a bottle of vino and a bar of chocolate!

Grapefruit– these are great fat burning fruits. Eating grapefruit lowers insulin levels (only marginally) meaning that the body is prevented from storing as much of the sugar as fat. Lower insulin levels also help to curb appetites since its high levels of insulin that tell the brain it needs energy from food. The most amazing thing about the grapefruit is that it is a “negative calorie” food, meaning that it requires more calories to eat the fruit that there are found in the fruit!

While all of the foods above aid fat loss by helping reduce intake and/or increase energy expenditure, in turn increasing the chances of an energy deficit. Don’t assume that eating these foods in addition to your other foods will automatically lead to fat loss.

For fat loss to occur, an energy deficit is required (i.e expending more calories than you consume). From your maintenance weight, increase exercise slightly and reduce calorie intake, factoring in the above foods to achieve a moderate energy deficit leading to sustainable and healthy fat loss.

Let us know how you incorporate these fat busting foods into your diet by tagging us in your food pics on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Happy eating!

foods for fat loss

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