Dieters and healthy eaters the world over often agree that healthy eating in the home requires a good dose of will power, but is surmountable. Often the real challenge comes when you step outside and attempt to eat out in restaurants or cafes. The menus are a minefield of fats, sugars and creams to clog the arteries and pile on the pounds.


You’re still going to need some willpower, but we can at least give you a few tips to avoid the most common pitfalls when it comes to going to restaurants and trying to maintain at least some semblance of healthy eating. But remember too, that it’s all about balance and sometimes you should just enjoy yourself and indulge in what you really fancy.

Avoid the add-ons

Healthy salads can be made rather unhealthy by being loaded with cheese, meat, fried croutons or fatty and creamy dressings. You are doing well to steer towards the salads, don’t ruin it for yourself!

Grill don’t fry

It’s all in the preparation, and grilled or baked meat or fish will be a much lighter option than battered or fried food. A healthy piece of fish will be obliterated by that greasy layer of batter, so allow yourself to taste the fresh food and avoid the fryer.

Send the bread back

Before you even start your meal, you might absentmindedly consume hundreds of calories of bread at the table without thinking. So do yourself a favour and send the bread back to the kitchen- not only will you save hundreds of needless calories and sugar, you will have the appetite to really savour your meal.

Share the dessert

Sometimes we just need something sweet after a meal out, and why not. But we don’t necessarily need four scoops of ice cream, a chocolate cake and a plate of petit fours. So why not share a dessert between two or between a few friends on the table. You will still get to enjoy a little sweetness, but without the volume and extortionate calorie count.

Keep hydrated (with water!)

Keep sipping water throughout your meal, whether you are indulging in alcoholic drinks or not. It will help to slow down your eating so that your body can catch up with you and feel satiated, and also help you to digest the meal properly.

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