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HAPPY EASTER FROM ALL AT SOULMATEFOOD! The hunt is on for the perfect Easter treats… Have you planned your menu yet? Don’t sweat it. We’ve got everything you need- from breakfast to dessert- complete with shopping list! Take a look below to find what we’ll be cooking this Easter… The whole family are coming round...

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Dieters and healthy eaters the world over often agree that healthy eating in the home requires a good dose of will power, but is surmountable. Often the real challenge comes when you step outside and attempt to eat out in restaurants or cafes. The menus are a minefield of fats, sugars and creams to clog...

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It’s National Banana Bread Day! What a great excuse to make our Banana and Walnut Bread with Earl Grey Cream – This recipe is one of our favourite things in the Soulmatefood kitchen! It’s a great satisfying start to the day or can also be enjoyed as lovely mid-morning treat. It can also be used...

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The damaging effects of alcohol are well documented, and yet consumption levels are sky high. Alcohol is the drug of choice for many in today’s society, but with diminished performance, mental impairment, possible addiction, diabetes and liver disease as the potential prices to pay, it is a mystery that it is so popular. The consequences of...

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Looking for a tasty, low carb snack? Look no further! These Gingerbread Bites are a great source of energy without being high in carbs and fat, and they taste really great too! Give them a go and make sure to tag us in your foodie pics and Instagram, Twitter and Facebook! @Soulmatefood #Soulmatefood #FlauntYourFood –...

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Here at Soulmate HQ we are improving all aspects of our service as we are launching something extra special- premium lifestyle product ‘Soulmatelife’. Having taken on board our customers’ feedback, we have been looking at different solutions to upgrade our delivery service. We are changing to a national service with more flexibility to track and arrange deliveries, thus improving...

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Traditionally, advice regarding food and eating emphasises what we should eat, not how we should eat it. But this new way of eating- and living- is here to change the way we think. I discovered the Mindful Eating craze as it became somewhat cult due to meditation app ‘Headspace’, created by Andy Puddicombe- an ex-Buddhist...

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Eating the right foods help to promote both mental and physical health. Your brain requires adequate nutrition- just as your heart, lungs and muscles do- in order to function most optimally. Take a look at this list of the foods that a great for your brain;   Vitamin C– Found in blackcurrants, red peppers, citrus...

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