Summer is here! (we say whilst it’s raining outside) hoping the sun will have his hat on someday soon and we can all head off to the beach. If not there is always abroad to top up our tans, but what do we wear? a wonderful site Beach Tomato can help you with all your stylish and beauty needs.

They tested out our Juice Cleanse as a pre-beach bikini body detox and loved the results, feeling more energetic and having a better attention span, not bad for three days.

Tester: Fiona McCoss
Having never done any form of detox/cleanse before, I awoke on Monday excited and ready to take on 3 days of consuming nothing but juice. Six juices a day for three days? Pah, no problem. Walking past Starbucks on the way to work I smiled smugly at those poor souls queuing for their morning caffeine fix. Coffee? I don’t need coffee. My body is temple. However when it came to lunch time and smells of food filled the office, I realised the full of extent of what I had taken on. Whilst everyone else ate their Prêt baguettes or homemade soups, I sat sipping juice number 3 (Pineapple, Banana & Coconut), trying to cover up my tummy rumbles by talking just a tad too loudly… By the end of day one I had a dull headache and, being perfectly honest, felt pretty darn miserable. I even found myself staring at a lady eating an iced bun on the tube like a total crazy person (not my finest moment).

After my “dinner” juice of apple, beetroot and blackcurrant, I was surprised to find myself slipping into one of the best sleeps I’d had in weeks, waking up to feel refreshed and energised. For the following 2 days I felt like a new person – a notable spring in my step, an attention span longer than 30 seconds, and bags of energy.

The Soulmatefood team were incredibly supportive, tweeting me throughout my cleanse to make sure I stayed away from the biccies. But (and this is amazing for me) I wasn’t even tempted. I highly recommend the Soulmatefood Cleanse. Not only are the juices delicious and full of goodness (I think the Carrot, Orange, Ginger & Superfoods was my fave) in three days I felt less bloated and sluggish, and instead felt inspired to continue on with a healthier lifestyle.

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